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​About Our OrganizationThe ICE looks like a crystal shining the extraordinary splendor and moisturizing the good earth when it melts. 


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Training and Working Plan

Free Travel and Language Studying

The ICE design a plan include studying Chinese language and traveling in China within 301 days. This plan is suitable for anybody who is an American Citizen or US Permanent Resident. No race, no age and no sex requested who must be eligible to comply with our ICE rules and conditions and willing to become an ICE member. The only requirement for the person must be complied with ICE’s education background. 

We provide the ICE member almost all costs from living to studying in this plan. The period is from 6 months to 2 years.  That is ICE will provide 2-year free grants. One person can obtain the grants one time in ICE within 2 years. You must fill ICE’s application form and sign another agreement to join extra overseas travel and education if you have a strong desire to join the ICE plan again.Type your paragraph here.

Free Studying Plan abroad

Anybody who becomes ICE member can join the plan and finish studying and traveling courses at least 2 semesters.

You must think over carefully about your own life and your future plan before you want to join the ICE member. You cannot cancel or delay the plan when your application approved, otherwise you must pay the fine.

Learning Contents:

Chinese language (so far we only provide the learning chance in China).

Chinese language is based on a standard Chinese language, it is Mandarin, not local dialect.

Learning textbooks:

Using foreigner learning Chinese textbooks and daily life conversation textbooks

Studying Times:

Monday – Friday

4 hrs Am, learning Chinese language per provided syllabus,

4 hrs Pm, Playing with the teacher,

3 hrs after dinner, full American education,

Free Living Plan:

1 room for 2 persons is free,

Free for 3 meals.


Free per ICE’s arrangement

Personal living Costs:

The members who join the ICE studying plan can get no less than US$200 for the living assistant to help student to buy personal living supplies.

 Free Traveling Plan

ICE will provide ICE members not less 2 times free traveling plan. This plan is about not less 7   days traveling per time including Saturday and Sunday. Please contact with the ICE organization in China.

ICE member can visit the capital of the China if he or she finishing over 1-year course.

The studying and traveling plan of the ICE member must be drafted by the ICE organization. In general, ICE member can get the studying and traveling plan in detail before living US.

ICE members have 2 times no less than 15 days free activities’ holiday.

Selected travel by personal, the cost must be paid by personal.
Selected travel by ICE arrangement, ICE organization must pay certain labor cost.

Your responsibilities within learning periods:

The costs are provided by ICE for all ICE members studying and traveling abroad. The approved ICE members must be willing to sign a cooperation agreement that including 4-hour teaching work or 4-hour interactive work with the Chinese students 5 days a week. Please contact  with the  ICE US headquarter if you confirm that you have carefully and completely read and understood the free studying and traveling abroad plan before you sign the cooperation agreement.

ICE is planning to promote and improve English studying world-wide. Let more and more people communicate each other in English.

ICE members study Chinese in China at the same time they can establish a bridge to communicate with the Chinese children to learn English as well.

 Who can apply for the ICE studying plan for going to China?

Only one requirement, you must have been accepted above at least 2-year high school education in United States. Such persons must sign a cooperation agreement in order to obtain more grants from ICE studying in China.

​Three kinds of ICE classifying:

1. ICE-T (Teacher):

ICE-T: As a teacher who must at least have been graduated from community college with good oral English accent and in the training class meanwhile can educate the students below the primary and secondary school.

Male or female,
Healthy and no age limited,
No race limited,
Male or female brings the baby, the baby must be above 2-year old,

*Baby training is free from kindergarten, preschool, primary school to secondary school.

2.   ICE-W (Work):

ICE-W: As an assistant teacher who must at least have been accepted 2-year high school   education with good oral English accent and in the training class meanwhile can help teacher to tutor art, physical class and oral English language.

Male or female,
Healthy and no age limited,
No race limited,
Male or female brings the baby, the baby must be above 2-year old,

*Baby training is free from kindergarten, preschool, primary school to secondary school.

3. ICE-S (Staff):

ICE-S: As a staff without studying task, but must undertake requested works.

How to comply with the qualification?

Fill out an application form and attached your resume from our website. Waiting for our verification and confirmation. We will mail a letter to inform you the result.
Download our application form, fill it out attached your resume and mail them to us.

The above forms must be filled out by person. You must clarify what you want to become such as ICE-T, ICE-W or ICE-S and you must execute your responsibilities and obligations. You can give up and go to next stage if you agree with ICE’s plan.

Admission Letter: You must accept and agree the signed agreement and become a qualified ICE member when you receive the admission letter.
2-day encryption training plan:

Accepted ICE member must obtain 2 days encryption training, the detail is as follows:

ICE member must comply with the discipline and requirement.
Learn the local country customs, endemic cultures and legal knowledge.
Learn the local country training before working.
Set up ICE record file and put it in the ICE filing store.

ICE Employment Plan

ICE provide every qualified member only 2-year free plan. ICE member can obtain the graduated certificate by ICE organization in China and meanwhile can obtain the complete plan agreement after the member finishing 2-year studying, traveling and working plan.

Graduated ICE member can select work in the local country. You can also look for your own employment chance and apply for jobs in China.

ICE member can enjoy the same benefit and salary if they re-employment in the ICE schools or organizations. Please contact with the ICE Agency.

ICE member apply and return to the ICE schools or organizations we call it as ICE-RT (Return Back).

Course Exercise

​Alphabet and pronunciation

Basic session

​Tour sessions